Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Tiger Eye and the Base Chakra

Greetings -

The Base Chakra, also known as the first Chakra, is located in the region of the base of the spine in the lumbar area.

This is the center of one's physical energy and vitality. It is believed to strenghten one's will to survive. In the physical body, this is the center that vitalizes one's kidneys and spinal column.

Colors oft associated with this Chakra are red and black. Red is a representation of one's passion for life, and black represents grounding. There are multiple gemstones and crystals associated with the Base Chakra.

I have recently listed the above bracelet which contains Tiger Eye in my Etsy shoppe. Tiger Eye can help those seeking clarity. When used as a focus to assist the base chakra, it can help one to discipline their sexual and emotional life.

Tiger Eye can help one be grounded and brings a lightness to eliminate one's "blues". It is a balancer of yin-yang energy and has been used in the treatment of eye disordres and disorders of the reproductive system.

Blessed Be.

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