Thursday, January 14, 2010

A Spotlight on favorite Etsy Shops


So as I sat today, listening to and watching the downpour of wet that is Washington weather, I let my fingers do the walking since my brain wasn't capable yet. Turns out yesterday's cottonballs were the precursor to one nasty migraine which is just now subsiding. Gotta love it.

So my fingers kept clicking the mouse and my eyes surfed Etsy and I decided tonight to spotlight a few of my newest favorite Etsy shops.

I was first inspired by the scent of the rain and wet grass when I let my cats out, so I went window shopping for a new perfume oil and found an intriguing scent I want to try at Another Realm Scents called Pomona... so if you are into fruit scents, check this out:

Then I attempted to play with some beads, just to occupy my hands and mind a little, and decided I'd work on Valentine's Day items. Well that didn't happen so to spark my creativity, I went hunting for beads and found this lovely set pink heart set, perfect for Valentine's Day, at BreathtakingBeadzz:

After that, I did manage to get a new pair of earrings made and a necklace laid out to be put together later on. Those will be posted later this week.

Blessed Be.

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