Friday, January 1, 2010


It's been quite a while since I blogged, so I'll start back into it with a heartfelt and loud HAPPY AND BLESSED NEW YEAR TO ONE AND ALL!!

I'd like to welcome you back to my blog which this year will bubble with ancient magics, crystal wonders, herbs, moonlight and secrets of finding the self and being happy and blessed with what we are provided.

There are things we can all do day to day to inspire and enlighten our lives, even in the darkest of times. Our hands and our minds can create and array of objects and visions, and there is much pleasure to be found in even the simplest of things which are formed.

I use my hands and mind to create jewelry which I find inspiring, beautiful and magical, and I use them to write songs and poems. Friends who are close to me are creating clothing and books and annointing oils and perfumes.

What magic and enlightenment do you create with your hands? A little something to think about on this first day of a new year.

Blessed Be.

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