Monday, February 1, 2010

A Return to Nature to Revive One's Spirit

Greetings and Blessings...

The last few weeks have been a personal struggle for me and quite a few of my closest friends. Various medical issues, depression, anxiety, and deaths have all seemed to hit in a big wave. Needless to say, with each of us dealing with separate issues, it's been nice to form a tight support group and sounding board for eachother. But, as I am sure most of you reading this know, being supportive and being there for everyone else, including yourself can just be such a drain on your spirit.

It's being so spiritually drained that I have found myself going back to one of my all time favorite books. It's called Return to the Garden by a wonderful author Shakti Gawain. It's a tale of the author's path to self-discovery and living on the earth in a balanced and natural way.

In reading this book for about the 100th time again this weekend, I was inspired to create a new line of necklaces that are my way of returning to nature as a way to revive one's spirit. I am hoping the entire collection can be part of my return path to discovering the part of me I feel I have lost lately and get back to a more balanced state. This is the first piece of the new collection:

Just making this piece, I felt myself letting go of some pent up emotions and I could feel the power this necklace will generate to whoever decides to give it a home.

Tomorrow is Groundhog's Day and in the words of a friend, the little bugger best tell us that spring is on the way. Then, I'll be able to spend more time outside and who knows where and what nature will lead to next.

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Blessed Be.

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