Wednesday, January 7, 2009

I love rain

Sooooo I am sitting here at my computer listening to and watching the rain out the back window. I just wish there was thunder to go with it and lightening.

There is something about this kind of weather that I find very calm and relaxing and very condusive to my creativity. I know that there are a lot and I mean A LOT of people here in Washington State that would disagree with me about now due to all the flooding that we are facing, but I still love the rain.

I think I would make a good duck or other water loving bird. That said.. and a fluke of a question.. I wonder just what birds think and do with themselves?? I mean they can't write, can't bead... can they do anything but be pretty and make some of them make good food and all of them crap on everything?

Think I will go make some more coffee, open up the bead drawers and see what kind of goodies I can make tonight.


  1. lol you are so funny! Is a loon a water bird?

  2. Yep Loons are.. I love them too for some odd reason.. I am such a goof.. where's my ball?