Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Creative Inspiration

So as I have sat here the last two days battling yet another in a series of cluster migraines, I’ve had lots of time to think.

Yep, despite the ever present kaleidoscopic explosions in my head and the feeling that my eyeballs are being stabbed from the inside out and at any moment could fly out and then snap back in like they show in the cartoons, I’ve given thought to the topic of inspiration.

All these colors that I see during migraines, sometimes in patterns and sometimes not, are like a magical, albeit obscenely painful, painted canvas. Hard to imagine finding inspiration to get creative out of an experience like this, but many times I write my best poetry or make my best jewelry combinations either during or right after the migraine storm.

A lot of my crafting friends get their inspiration from nature, catalogs, books or movies. That’s when I tend to hit a “dry spell” or slump. Sometimes I will be watching a tv show or movie and cannot stand the jewelry on a character and I end up making something that in my fantasy world, I would have that character wear if I were the person in charge. But nature.. well nature always stumps me unless it’s the clouds or rain.. clouds during a thunder and rain storm inspire me to create darker pieces with splashes of bright color in one place only… usually the pendant.

I try to take my inspiration from whatever or wherever I can get that “spark”… rarely do I try to stifle myself, yes stifle.. I have been accused of being too splashy at times, and I just try to please myself.

I wholeheartedly believe that if I create something that I like, with my full passion and creative drive, and put it out there for others to see, it will be appreciated. And, there will always be someone to give that creation a “home” – even though a lot of times, it finds a permanent home with me J

So what’s your passion and creative drive? What inspires you?


  1. Thanks for following me Dori! I do feel for you!! I experienced a few migraines last year with the onset of menapause and they were not pleasant experiences! But it is amazing that you find your moments of inspirations and creative insights before and after your migraine 'storms'! My imagination, people, colours, textures and so many things inspire me and I'm passionate about learning new things. Being creative is intrinsic and I feel as if something is missing - if I go too long without being creative in some way. Val (Black Rose)

  2. Hi Val..

    Thanks for sharing. It is as if something.. a part of us is missing when we aren't actively creating.. I feel that way a lot lol.

    Thanks for following me too.